Meet Rus Bradburd

Rus Bradburd teaches writing classes in New Mexico State University’s MFA program. A Chicago native, he coached basketball at UTEP and New Mexico State for fourteen seasons before resigning to pursue a writing career in 2000.

Rus Bradburd
Rus Bradburd coaching in Ireland, the subject of his memoir Paddy on the Hardwood.

At NMSU, he studied with Robert Boswell, Antonya Nelson, and Kevin McIlvoy. His fiction has appeared in The Southern Review, Colorado Review, Puerto del Sol, Freight Stories, and Aethlon.

Since retiring from college coaching, his essays have appeared in New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, El Paso Times, Las Cruces Sun-News, Heartland Journal, SLAM Magazine, Bounce, and Los Angeles Times.

Rus went to Ireland in 2002 to coach Tralee's Frosties Tigers. Paddy on the Hardwood: A Journey in Irish Hoops was his first book, published in 2006.